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Moving Out of University Apartments South for Graduate & Family Students

What Do I Have to Do to Move Out?

A 30-day written notice is required in advance of your moving out. The Notice of Intent to Vacate form is available on line at the My Housing web site. The notice is effective from the day Housing Services receives it and may not be cancelled or changed.

A required pre-inspection of your apartment will be performed by Facilities Management within 72 hours of receipt of your NITV. The purpose of the pre-inspection is to allow Facilities to assess the condition of the apartment. If damages are noted, you will be able to correct any items before your vacate date. You do not need to be present during this inspection. Due to scheduling constraints, Facilities is unable to accommodate specific appointment times.

How Do I Avoid Paying Additional Fees?

To avoid additional fees, move out on time and turn in your keycard(s), mailbox key, garage door opener, and parking hangtag to our office at 3200 Sawtelle on or before your move-out date. Charges will be assessed if your keys are not returned by 8 a.m. on your move-out date. A 24-hour drop slot, located on the lower right hand corner of the 3200 Sawtelle office door is available to return keys after hours.

Please remember your security deposit is not to be considered your last month’s rent. Your account must be current when you move out. Please contact Housing Services using the Ask Housing web site or by calling (310) 206-7011 during their business hours if you have questions about your housing account.

What Can I Do to Avoid Damage Charges or Problems with My Move?

Residents are required to return the apartment to its original condition, excluding normal wear and tear, prior to departure. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Clean your apartment
  • Dispose of all trash
  • Remove all personal belongings
  • Clean and/or vacuum the carpet
  • Patch any holes in walls
  • Return your cable/internet equipment to Time Warner

Getting Ready to move

No commercial storage bins may be delivered or picked up at any Housing facility.

Charges for Apartment Painting

  • If you have occupied your apartment for less than three (3) years, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for painting the apartment.
  • If you have occupied your apartment for three (3) or more years, you may not be charged for normal apartment painting.
  • You will be charged for any excessive damage such as crayon marks, large holes, etc.
  • You will be charged for priming and repainting if your apartment is a different color than when you moved in.

Charges for Carpet Cleaning/Replacement

  • If you have occupied your apartment for one (1) year or more you will not be charged for normal carpet cleaning.
  • You will be charged for any excessive damage which results in additional carpet cleaning or carpet replacement.

Charges in a Partial Vacancy (one roommate leaving)

  • If a partial vacancy occurs, it is highly recommended that all tenants review the state of the apartment prior to the departure of roommate(s) to determine if any renovations are needed prior to the new roommate moving in.
  • If charges are assessed, they will be charged to the remaining roommate and the roommate leaving.
  • It is the responsibility of all roommates to clean up and keep the damage and cleaning charges to a minimum.

Per University Apartments Rules and Regulations, commercial moving vans, or any vehicle with more than 14 feet in length, must park on the street. These vehicles are expressly prohibited from parking on University property.

More Questions?

We’re here to help and we want your move to be as easy as possible, if you still have questions, please feel free to contact the University Apartments-South office at (310) 398-4692. You can also review the Related Information articles on this page for additional details on moving out and damage/miscellaneous charges. 

You can also find answers to your questions under Moving Out of Your Apartment in your Student Resident Handbook.