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Connect IoT devices on the Hill

Introducing UCLA_RES_IOT 

Internet of Things (IoT) - Sovrin


The UCLA_RES_IOT SSID allows residents who live On the Hill or in select off campus apartments to connect their IoT devices. 

University North Apartments 

Aloe Court 

Cypress Court 

Jacaranda Court 

Magnolia Court 

Olive Court 

Palm Court 

Sycamore Court 

Weyburn Paseo 

Weyburn Commons 





Gayley Heights 


Palo Verdes 


740 Weyburn Terrace

725 Weyburn Terrace

785 Weyburn Terrace

765 Weyburn Terrace

825 Weyburn Terrace

945 Weyburn Terrace

925 Weyburn Place

11000 Weyburn Drive

11020 Weyburn Drive

910 Weyburn Place 

720 Hilgard Avenue

824 Hilgard Avenue 

855 Levering Avenue 

10955 Le Conte Avenue

900 Weyburn Place 

910 Weyburn Place 

920 Weyburn Place 

Smart Watches: Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Fitbit

Gaming Consoles: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch 

SmartTVs: Samsung Smart TV, Amazon FireTV, RokuTVs

Content Streaming Devices: RokuStick, Amazon FireStick, AppleTV

Voice Controlled Automation: GoogleHome, Amazon Alexa

Smart Lighting Devices: Phillips Hue SmartBulbs, Govee SmartLED

1. Personal wireless printers 
2. Surveillance Security Cameras 
3. Personal Routers 

Note: Attempting to connect these devices to the network can incur serious disciplinary actions against the student attempting to endanger the campus network. 

Each resident can have up to 5 devices connected. 


 Connecting to UCLA_RES_IOT 

To connect a device to UCLA_RES_IOT please follow these steps: 

  1. In a web browser enter the following URL:
  2. Sign in using BOL credentials 
  3. At the bottom of the screen, click on the "+ New Device" button 
    Add New Device
  4. Input the Wi-Fi MAC address of the device without any colons or dashes 
    Add Mac Address
  5. Enter a nickname for the device (Ex: Bob's Alexa)
    add nickname


  6. Enter in a password for the device or accept the default password
    1. Passwords must be 8-20 characters. 
    2. Passwords cannot include sequential numbers and letters (e.g. abc or 123
      create password
  7. Click the "Save Changes" button 
    Save Changes


  8. The saved date should have the date and time that you started the registration. 
saved date