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University Faculty Apartments Eligibility


Policies for Selection

The following individuals with teaching duties are eligible for tenancy in priority order:

  1. Members of the Academic Senate, “ladder-rank” or “tenure track”
    a. Professor & Chair
    b. Professor
    c. Associate Professor
    d. Assistant Professor (in-residence included)
  2. Appointees in the Clinical Professor series
    a. Clinical Professor
    b. Associate Clinical Professor
    c. Assistant Clinical Professor
    d. Clinical Instructor
  3. Appointees in the Adjunct Professor series
    a. Adjunct Professor
    b. Associate Adjunct Professor
    c. Assistant Adjunct Professor
  4. Lecturers

Eligibility may be extended to other members of the University community on an exception basis.

In Support of Excellence

University Apartments assists campus departments by making available convenient, competitively priced, short-term housing for UCLA’s top faculty candidates. This supports UCLA’s goal to attain and sustain excellence in its academic programs.

The following factors are considered when approving applications for faculty apartments:

  • Faculty recruitment and retention needs of campus departments, schools, and colleges
  • The needs of junior faculty compared with senior faculty, with the highest priority given to new appointees
  • Unique qualifications of the individual.

Eligibility Verification

Eligibility verification is conducted annually. In order to reside in University Apartments North, you must be a UCLA faculty member. A letter will be sent to the faculty resident asking for an updated appointment letter signed by the Dean or Chair of the department. The eligibility letter requests verification of the resident’s UCLA status within a specific time frame and provides an alternative means of collection by allowing the Resident Services Coordinator to contact their department for the appointment letter on their behalf.

If at any point during your stay at University Apartments North you receive an eligibility letter, please respond promptly to avoid possible termination of the Rental Agreement. It is your responsibility to keep the Administration Office informed of any changes in your status and/or respond to any request regarding proof of status.