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Things to Consider Before Applying

Applicants may indicate a preference for more than one type of housing as long as they meet the eligibility requirements and are a current or newly-admitted full-time UCLA student. Applicants should only indicate those complexes in which they would want to live.

Note: A completed application and a non-refundable $30 fee must be submitted in order to be placed on the waitlist. The application fee does not guarantee a housing offer, or that an apartment will be available at the time the applicant wants to move in. The application and offer timeline can be found here.

Apartment Options for Married Students, Students with Domestic Partners and Single-Parent Students

parents with child

University Village apartments are in high demand, please apply prior to June 30th in order to be placed on the lottery waitlist for the upcoming academic year.

The University will ask residents to provide original or certified copies of documents that demonstrate proof of eligibility. Students should be prepared to provide a Marriage Certificate/Domestic Partnership Registration and/or Birth Certificate of child(ren). Shared utility bills, joint banking statements, or rental agreements that establish a minimum of a one year relationship may also be used to show proof of relationship.

Apartment Options for Single Graduate Students

Apartment Options

These apartments are in high demand, please apply prior to June 30th in order to be placed on the lottery waitlist for the upcoming academic year.

University Apartments North (UAN)

The graduate housing complexes in the UAN are Weyburn Terrace and the Hilgard Apartments. Both are located in Westwood adjacent to the UCLA campus.

Weyburn Terrace is comprised of nine buildings: seven original courts built in 2004. Paseo and Weyburn Commons were added in 2013. The Commons building houses the University Apartments North Front Desk, common spaces, and a handful of units reserved for faculty, the other eight buildings are comprised solely of apartments designated for graduate students. Weyburn Terrace offers approximately 1950 bed spaces in approximately 1400 apartments.

Hilgard Apartments has two buildings and are composed entirely of studio apartments.  Hilgard is a much smaller facility with only 80 apartments.

University Apartments South (UAS)

The single graduate housing complexes in UAS are listed below and are located approximately 5 miles south of campus in the Palms/Mar Vista area.

Rose Avenue has two buildings located on Rose Avenue near Sepulveda Boulevard. There are 93 units.

Keystone Mentone has two buildings on Keystone Avenue and Mentone Avenue at Venice Boulevard. There are 244 units.

Venice Barry is one building located on Barry Avenue and Venice Boulevard. There are 140 units.