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Renewing Your Contract in Single Graduate or Student Family Housing

All contracts and rental agreements are set to end on July 1st. However, there are opportunities to renew for the next year or to end the contract or rental agreement early.

Contracts and Rental Agreements end on July 1st each year. However, there are opportunities to renew the contract for the next academic year as long as residents remain eligible and submit the required application declaring their intent to renew for the following academic-year term. Renewal applications are made available in April and we send out multiple notifications regarding this process to ensure that returning residents are all set up for the upcoming academic year.

University Apartments 

Tenants of Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard Apartments may request short-term summer extension contracts if they require continued residence beyond 12:00 p.m. on July 1st but do not wish to renew for the full academic-year term or are no longer eligible for the full academic-year term. Summer extension contracts can extend a housing contract as late as 12:00 p.m. on August 15th of that same summer. While most summer extension requests are approved, there is a review process in place and Housing Services does reserve the right to deny a summer contract extension request. 

If a summer contract extension request is approved, the student will be provided with additional information regarding payments and due dates. Once approved, an extension cannot be revised.

May I sublease my unit if I can't be at UCLA during the summer but still want to renew for the following academic year? I don't want to lose my 3-year housing guarantee by moving out.

The 3-year housing guarantee for Single Graduate Housing residents is for 3 consecutive years. If a resident of Single Graduate Housing wishes to keep their contract, but must be away for the summer or for a period of time during the academic year, residents do have the option to sublease their units with prior approval from Housing. Please see here for instructions and the details regarding a request to sublease.

Please note that residents in Student Family Housing may not sublease their units. The sublease option is solely for tenants in Single Graduate Housing.