Postdoctoral Housing

While Postdoctoral candidates are not eligible for the housing guarantee extended to enrolled students, there are housing options available.

Postdoctoral candidates may apply to live in the University Apartments (both Family Student Housing and Mixed-Use Housing), but will be asked to provide the following when applying, in order to confirm their eligibility: 

  • Post MD (Interns and Residents) and Post DDS (Postgraduate Dental Students) must have a valid University ID number assigned by their department. They must also be assigned to a UCLA affiliated hospital and be properly registered with the Medical Center. Proof in the form of a letter from the department with an ending date or a payroll stub with identifying payroll title must be submitted.
  • Postdocs (Postdoctoral Scholars & Postgraduate Researchers) must have a valid University ID Number assigned by their department. They must also provide proof from the Graduate Division showing the beginning and end date of the appointment.

If there is available space remaining after the assignment process is completed for eligible enrolled students, Postdoctoral candidates will be offered an assignment in the University Apartments.