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Detailed List of Damages and Miscellaneous Charges for University Apartments

Residents are responsible for any damages that are not recorded on the Apartment Inventory & Damage Report at Move-In.  Charges for damages are based on the recommendation of the Facilities Manager. The amount of the charge is based on material and labor costs. If you have occupied your apartment for more than one year, you will not be charged for normal carpet cleaning. Any excessive damage may result in additional cleaning charges or carpet replacement charges. If you have occupied your apartment for 3 or more years, you may not be charged for painting. This does not include any excessive damage i.e., crayon marks, large holes, etc. Any occupancy less than 3 years or any excessive marks or damage on walls will result in charges for apartment painting.

UA Facilities Management determines the extent of damages and whether the damages are the result of tenant negligence. The amount of any damage charges are based on material and labor. Cleaning charges are assessed on total vacancy of unit to the last remaining tenant(s) regardless of whether or not previous tenants damaged property or failed to clean the unit unless responsible party(ies) agree to be assessed for damages.

Any damages discovered after your roommate(s) moves out will be the responsibility of the remaining roommate(s). Consequently, it is to your advantage to report any damages before your roommate(s) moves out. If partial vacancy occurs, it is recom­mended that all tenants review the state of the apart­ment prior to the departure of tenant(s) to determine responsibility.

If the apartment is in need of extra cleaning, painting or repairs, it is to your advantage to arrange for ser­vices in order to keep damage and cleaning charges to a minimum.

Damage and Other Related Charges: 
Bicycle Improperly Stored$25
Blind, Damages and installationVendor Cost + $52 per hour labor for removal
Building, DamageVendor Cost
Cabinets, Strip and Re-paint$52 per hour + materials
Cable Equipment Return$50
Cable/TV Modem$500
Carpet Cleaning$250 minimum trip charge
Carpet Damage$250 minimum trip charge + avg. $40/sq. yard
Carpet Replacement 
Studio & Loft$3,590
Cleaning Apartment 
Furnished units Add an additional$10
Cleaning Appliances$25 per appliance
Cleaning Toilet, Tub, Bathroom Sink or Kitchen Sink Due to Excessive Dirt$25 per item
Clogged Drain$52 per hour or vendor cost
Converter Box (Hilgard only)$100
Door Replacement$150 + $52 per hour labor
Door Repair$52 per hour + materials
Equipment, Damage to BorrowedCost of Replacement
Failure to Remove Personal Property$40 or $20/hour/employee
Furniture/Appliance Removal$25 per item
Furniture Replacement Charges (all furnished units except Weyburn Terrace) 
Bed Frame Replacement$110
Coffee Table$165
Desk Chair$40
Desk Lamp$34
Dining Chair$95
Dining Table$174
End Table$139
Living Room Lamp$58
Mattress Replacement$175
Matress Cover, Queen$21 + $30 installtion
Sofa Chair$510
Television $400
Furniture Replacement Charges (Weyburn Terrace only) 
Coffee Table$165
Desk Chair$139
Dining Chair$95
Dining Table$174
File Cabinet$183
Under Bed Drawer$172
Garage Door Opener (lost or damaged)$75 each
Gate Access Card/Laundry$75 each
Hallways, Damage toVendor Cost
Hardwood FlooringVendor Cost
Holes, Patching 1/4"$52 per hour + material
Illegal Possession of Public Area Furnishings$30
Illegal Use or Stage of UA-Provided Furniture (e.g., used on balcony, etc.)$30
Keys and Locks 
Key/Lock Change, Door$45 - $120 + $52 per hour (labor)
Key/Lock Change, Mailbox$45 + $52 per hour (labor)
Perimeter Key$25 each
Keycard replacement/damage$35 each
Light Globe Replacement$15 each + $52 per hour (labor)
Additional Coats of Paint$52 per hour + material
Parking Hangtag$50 each
Removal of Personal Property$20 per hour per person
Screen, Repair or Replacement$15 - $45 per person - reinstall + $52 per hour (labor)
Shuttle Boarding Pass (unexpired)$100
Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment (misdemeanor subject to legal action)Vendor Cost
Tile FlooringVendor Cost
Trash Removal$20 per hour or vendor cost
Unauthorized Room Change$20
Vinyl Floors, Refinished Kitchen Floor Tile$40
Vinyl Floors, Repair or Replacementapprox. $59/sq. foot
One bedroom$1,321
Two bedroom$1,663
Three bedroom$1,969
Wall Paper/Contact Paper Removal$52 per hour per person
Windows, BrokenVendor Cost
Sprinkler Activation (Resident Negligence)Vendor Cost, may include all cost associated to the resident's unit and other affected areas
Tampering with Fire Safety Equipment (misdemeanor subject to legal action)   Vendor Cost, may include all cost associated to the resident's unit and other affected areas

NOTE: Any repair work not specified above is charged at $52 per hour