Living on Campus

Living on CampusTo experience university life fully, nothing equals living on campus where students can enjoy convenience and a sense of community. UCLA’s on-campus housing is situated at the heart of university life and is just a short walk away from classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and sports facilities. With housing and dining needs met, students are free to concentrate on being a full-time student.

As part of a diverse community of over 11,000 undergraduates, students have many opportunities for interaction that contribute to their academic success and personal growth. Studies show that students who live on campus perform better academically, have more contact with faculty, and are happier with their college experience than students who commute. Students can choose from several on-campus housing options, all of which encourage discovery and emphasize community.

In order to continue support of the University's academic mission through its housing program, UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services has been charged with adding approximately 1,500 bed spaces and renovating existing high-rise residence halls. To learn more about these projects please visit our Housing Construction web page.