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University Apartments Undergrad Move-Out

2022 End-of-Year Move-Out Information

Before you leave

  • Place all work orders now. Any charges assessed for apartment damage discovered after check-out will be divided equally among all roommates. 
  • Clean, vacuum, and take out all trash. Arrange all furniture as you found it when you moved in to avoid fines.
  • Arrange for storage or shipping of your personal belongings through Box Camp or UPS Store. Both companies will be on the Hill the last couple weeks of the quarter. 
  • Pay outstanding housing charges.
  • Take all of your belongings home – no items may be left behind.
  • Change your mailing address. Go to the “Access Housing Application & Offers” link on MyHousing. You should also change your mailing address at and update any other vendors.

Check Out

Contactless check-out will be available starting the week of May 30, 2022. Email instructions will be sent to students.

Stayovers and Staythroughs

  • Overnight stayovers will be available to request the last week of May. 
  • Staythroughs for students with a summer session contract will be available and Housing will reach out directly to students with a summer contract. 

More Questions?

Visit or contact the University Apartments North Administration Office at (310) 983-1300 or in person at 11020 Weyburn Drive, Los Angeles, CA.