Gender and UCLA Housing

The official campus record of each student’s gender identity is maintained through MyUCLA. The gender values in the housing application are Female (F), Male (M), Non-Binary (X), and Unknown (U). Students who identify as genderqueer or gender non-conforming will default to one of the four genders in the housing application.

Students may view and update their gender information through MyUCLA. Any updates are automatically reflected with Housing within one business day. 

UCLA is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and positive living environment for all students. Because gender identity, sex assigned at birth, and outness are unique to each student, Housing can work with students individually to figure out the best housing environment for them within gender inclusive housing. 

If a student would like to be assigned within gender inclusive housing, they should indicate their preference within the online housing application.

If you have any questions or would like to connect directly with someone from Housing Services about gender inclusive housing, please contact Melissa Faybik at [email protected].

  • Room and Roommate Assignments
  • A student’s gender plays a role in determining their room and roommate(s) assignment. In most cases, students are assigned roommates of the same gender. For example:

    - a student with F gender would be assigned to a bedroom with other F gender students

    - a student with M gender would be assigned to a room with other M gender students

    Students with X gender typically requires individual follow up to determine the best assignment.

    This general practice is followed whether the student is assigned to housing by the Housing Services Office or whether the student is among those who are eligible to select their own housing during the online Room Sign Up (RSU) process (guaranteed returning students only). 

    Housing Services has the ability to assign students of different genders to the same room upon request. However, returning students participating in RSU cannot override this assignment practice via the standard RSU process. Students interested in gender inclusive housing should indicate their interest within the housing application. A supplemental application will be provided.

    Additionally, most floors of university housing are mixed-gender, meaning students of any gender live on the same floor. Bedrooms and bathrooms are single-gender. Bathrooms are primarily used by individuals who identify with that gender.​​​​​​

  • Gender, Sexuality, and Society Living Learning Community
  • The Gender, Sexuality, & Society (GSS) community provides a living and learning environment to raise awareness and educate students around topics of gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual health, and social justice. This community creates a safe and supportive space that welcomes and celebrates every intersection of a student’s identity.

    All students, regardless of identity or major, are invited to participate on the floor as topics of gender identity and sexual orientation are discussed in a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment. 

    More about the GSS community

    Returning students who are selected to be a part of the GSS community will be assigned manually by Housing Services. They will not participate in Room Sign Up.

  • Room Sign Up (Guaranteed Returning Students Only)
  • All students eligible for Room Sign Up (RSU) will be sent instructions via email on how to form roommate groups and select their spaces. Make sure you talk to your roommate group to have a plan and a back-up plan for what type of rooms you want and who will be assigned with who. All rooms during RSU have a gender designation and are only available to groups that match that gender.

    More about the Room Sign Up process

    Mixed gender roommate groups who want gender inclusive housing will not be able to create their roommate group via the application portal process. Housing Services will provide students with a form to gather roommate information. The roommate group will then be created and viewable through the application portal. Any changes after the group has been created need to be requested through email to [email protected] from all group members.

    Gender inclusive groups will not be able to select their room via the application portal. Instead, the group leader will work individually with a Housing Services representative either in person or via the RSU live chat link. They will be able to review availability with the representative and select the room(s) to assign all members of the group. Any changes to the group assignments during RSU will also need to take place in person or via the RSU live chat link and can only be completed by the group leader.

  • Assignments by Housing Services (New Students and Lottery Returning Students)
  • Assignments for new freshmen and transfer students are managed by Housing Services. Students are assigned housing based on their gender listed within the housing application.

    Individual follow up is often needed to determine the best assignment for any student with a non-binary gender or when assigning roommates to a room already assigned to another student whose gender is unspecified or non-binary.  Students interested in gender inclusive housing should indicate their interest within the housing application. A supplemental application will be provided.