How to Apply - Faculty


Those eligible for faculty housing are offered in the following priority order:

  1. Members of the Academic Senate, “ladder-rank” or “tenure track”:
    1. Professor & Chair
    2. Professor
    3. Associate Professor
    4. Assistant Professor
  2. Appointees in the Clinical Professor series:
    1. Clinical Professor
    2. Associate Clinical Professor
    3. Assistant Clinical Professor 
    4. Clinical Instructor
  3. Appointees in the Adjunct Professor series:
    1. Adjunct Professor
    2. Associate Adjunct Professor
    3. Assistant Adjunct Professor
  4. Appointees in the Visiting Professor series: 
    1. Visiting Professor
    2. Visiting Associate Professor
    3. Visiting Assistant Professor
    4. Visiting Instructor
    5. Visiting Clinical Instructor
  5. Lecturers

Application Procedures

Eligible faculty can apply via the MyHousing website by selecting the "Access Housing Offers & Application" link. You will log in using your Bruin OnLine (BOL) logon (if you have not yet set one up, you can do so right from the BOL website). Please log in and navigate to the "Application" section of the online portal using the link at the top of the page.

If you have not yet been issued a University ID (UID) and are, therefore, unable to create a BOL logon you will just need to have your eligibility verified. To do so, please fill out a Request to Verify UCLA Eligibility form and return the completed copy along with your most recent appointment letter to [email protected]. Once we have your completed form and appointment letter we will create an account for you to apply for housing.