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Weyburn Terrace Parking FAQ's

Frequently asked questions and the answers about parking for residents at Weyburn Terrace.

Parking spaces are limited and not guaranteed. Parking spaces will be assigned on a first come first served basis for residents who have requested parking on their Housing Application. In an effort to maximize housing for graduate students and to move towards a non-commuter campus, University Apartments has over 2,400 graduate housing spaces located within walking distance to campus. UCLA actively encourages students to partake in the Healthy Campus Initiative by finding alternative means of transportation.

Weyburn Terrace parking structures are owned and managed by UCLA Parking Services. The University Apartments Administrative staff collaborates with Parking Services by assigning specific parking spaces to WT residents in an effort to maximize parking for Weyburn Terrace residents. Please see the Bruin E-Permit System web page for more information on how e-permits work.

Yes, there are tandem parking spaces in Weyburn Terrace in order to maximize space in the lots. Residents assigned a tandem space will be given information on the person with whom they will be sharing the space.


No, as there are less single spaces than tandem spaces, single parking spaces are limited and assigned based on availability. We will do our best to accommodate residents by assigning tandem spaces to roommates and neighbors but single spaces are not guaranteed.

Yes, all residents in two bedrooms will be assigned to a tandem space shared with a roommate or another Weyburn Terrace resident (neighbor).

Yes, you may apply for parking after the fact and parking will be assigned based on availability.

Please send an email to to request a parking space. Include the make, model, license plate, and color of vehicle in your email request. Once a space is available, you will receive a response with your assigned space number and instructions on how to purchase your e-permit.

No, parking is only available to current residents; therefore, you must check into your unit in Weyburn Terrace prior to receiving a parking assignment. Parking is assigned on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed.

Yes, if you have received your parking assignment, you can purchase your e-permit online.

Once you have purchased your e-permit online, stop by the UAN Administration Office to pick up your garage access card.

There is street parking in the community, but please note the parking street signs when parking on the streets of Westwood to avoid citations or towing. Vehicles may not be parked continuously at one location on any public roadway in Los Angeles for more than 72 hours. Please see the Bruin E-Permit web site for other options in campus lots and structures.

Due to the limited parking spaces in each garage, parking in your court is based on availability and not guaranteed.

Yes, Transportation & Parking Services offers a variety of methods for students and staff members including but not limited to: Zip cars, Bruin Bike, Van Pools. UCLA students and staff can also ride the Big Blue Bus and the Green Line at a discounted rate!

Motorcycle/vespa parking is available in the Jacaranda parking garage. Please go to the UAN Administration Office and provide the make, model, license plate, and color of your motorcycle/vespa to receive an access card to the Jacaranda parking garage.