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Freshmen Offer FAQs

We’re so excited to welcome you this fall! Check out the below FAQs for more information on the freshmen offer process.

Why was I offered a triple, but I listed doubles?
All freshmen have been offered triples. We did have double rooms listed in the application, but due to space availability at the time of offers, all freshmen were offered a triple.

How do I make my initial payment?
You will be redirected to a payment site to complete your payment after you sign your contract. Once you have paid, you’re not done accepting your offer! You will be redirected back to your housing portal, and you need to click “Complete Offer Acceptance.”

What if I want to change my room?
You need to first accept your current offer, then you can submit a Change of Assignment Request (CAR). Please note, CARs are not guaranteed and based on space availability. You will be able to request a change to a double room, but they are very limited.

I was offered to a gender inclusive room, what does that mean?
If you selected gender inclusive housing in your application, you will be assigned with other students who also requested gender inclusive housing. Your gender will not be used when assigning your roommates, meaning that you may be assigned with somebody who has a different gender identity from you.

I no longer want gender inclusive housing, can I opt out?
Yes, you are able to opt out of gender inclusive housing. To opt out, you must first accept your current housing offer through the housing portal. You will then be able to update your response via the “Manage Your Housing” option on the housing portal. All requests to update a gender inclusive response will be approved. However, although Housing Services attempts to keep you in the same building and/or room type as your previous offer, requesting to opt into or out of gender inclusive housing once you have a housing offer may result in a change to your housing offer which may result in a contract cost increase.

When will I receive my room number and roommate information?
We will send room, roommate, and move-in information by the end of August.

Can I still request roommates?
If you have both been offered to the same building and room type, then you can mutually request one another on the housing application, and we should be able to assign you to the same room in August. If you have been offered to different buildings or room types, you will need to submit a Change of Assignment Request to try and be moved into the same building/room type. 

I have submitted an appeal for accommodations to the Center for Accessible Education (CAE) and am waiting to hear back, should I still accept this offer?
Yes, please accept the current offer. We will look to change your assignment if we subsequently receive an approved accommodation from CAE.

When is move-in?
Move-In takes place over 4 days, prior to the start of the academic year. For the 2024-2025 academic year, move-in is Wednesday, September 18 - Saturday, September 21, 2024. You will be assigned a specific date and time in late August (depending on what building you are in). If you need to make travel arrangements early, please do so for the dates listed above. If you are assigned a different date and time, you can make changes to your assigned time after you receive your assignment information.

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