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Food Made Just For You

The Drey is a globally-inspired restaurant that serves fresh, natural, and healthy lunch and dinner options that are made with the best ingredients. The Drey offers diverse grab-and-go foods, ready-to-eat entrées, snacks, salads and other classics available. To fuel students’ academic efforts and keep guests hydrated, The Drey also serves a wide selection of hot and cold beverages, including popular coffee drinks, teas and agua frescas, which are delicious fresh water-based fruit drinks that originate from Central and Latin America.

The Drey is located at Olympic Hall. See hours of operation.

The Drey Cucumber and Avocado Roll
The Drey_Chickpea Sandwich
The Drey_Chicken Katsu Noodle Bowl
he Drey_Mapo Tofu


The Drey_Ext
The Drey_Int 2
The Drey_Int 5
The Drey_Int 3