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Farm to Table

Looking for one of the healthiest college restaurants in the nation? You’ve found it!

Bruin Plate is a creative, honest and responsible eatery that provides seasonal, innovative and sustainable cuisine with mouth-watering results. Popular items include roasted Brussel sprouts, arugula topped flatbread, roasted cauliflower soup, yam tacos, bison burger stackers, lemon cod and chipotle chicken bowls, to name a few. Even the desserts are healthy! Bruin Plate’s large floor-to-ceiling windows offer gorgeous views of campus and lots of natural light. Located in the heart of large volumes of student traffic between the UCLA campus and the residential community, Bruin Plate makes the healthy choice an easy choice.

Bruin Plate inspires mindful-eating through healthy, nutritious and locally procured ingredients. It’s exciting, fresh, wholesome and nutritionally balanced dishes for a diverse community.

Bruin Plate is located in Carnesal Commons. See hours of operation.

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