Housing - Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

The information below represents Housing's current plans and is subject to change. All changes will require authorization from the Department of Public Health.

Undergraduate Students in On-Campus Housing and University Apartments

Plans for Housing for 2020-21

Per the latest order (August 21, 2020) from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health requirements (“LACDPH”), we are greatly restricting the number of students residing in on-campus housing.

To be eligible for an on-campus housing space, students must demonstrate they have no other alternative housing option and fall into one of the following designations:

  • Students whose current housing environment is not a safe or appropriate environment, or does not provide adequate ADA accommodations
  • Foster/former foster youth and homeless students, or students who do not have access to safe and reliable housing
  • Students who identify campus housing as the only appropriate environment to overcome extenuating circumstances
  • Students participating in in-person instruction in order to complete their training and who do not have alternative local housing options
  • Student-athletes involved in on-campus training permitted by LACDPH

All students with a housing contract as of August 21, 2020 have been emailed specific instructions about how to indicate they may be eligible for housing in accordance with the designations noted above. All forms will be reviewed by our housing appeal board and follow up to confirm or deny a housing offer. Indicating a housing need does not guarantee you will receive an on-campus space.

For students who are not in one of the designations above, you do not have to take any action with housing—your current housing contract will be canceled on Tuesday, August 25, 2020, and you do not need to complete the form. You will receive a refund for all payments previously made toward your contract. Your future housing eligibility for the 2021-2022 academic year will not be affected by this cancellation. Students who do not need housing, and are receiving financial aid, must update their housing status with Financial Aid and Scholarships by clicking this link: Housing Adjustment Form

Undergraduate University Apartments

This does not affect our undergraduate University Apartments housing. However, we understand that in light of the public health information, students may want to cancel their housing contract. Students can still do so by September 16, 2020 with no penalty and will receive a full refund for any payments previously made. To cancel their contract, students should email [email protected]

Fall Move In

The updated 2020 Move In information is now available at https://portal.housing.ucla.edu/my-housing/moving-in

We will be adjusting our move-in schedule and procedures to help reduce crowding and promote physical distancing. Additional health screening and/or isolation/quarantine protocols may be required. We may also implement an earlier than typical move-in process, to allow for staggering. While we are still finalizing the plan with health authorities and the UCLA COVID-19 Future Planning Task Force, students and families should prepare for the following move-in mitigations:

  • Undergraduate Move In to occur the week of September 21, 2020
  • All students will be tested for COVID-19 prior to receiving their key
  • Students will have specific times to be tested and move in to their undergraduate assignments
  • No family or friends will be allowed inside the building to assist students moving in
  • Immediately upon move in, students will be asked to isolate in their units until their test results are returned. Once test results come back, and are negative, students will be asked to quarantine within a smaller group on their floors and houses for a period up to 9 days, or until a second COVID test is administered with a negative result. During these times, meals will be scheduled and eaten within smaller communities. If a test result comes back positive, students will be isolated for 14 days in an isolation unit.  Meals will be provided. 
  • Housing & Residential Life team members will be present to assist students through the entire process

Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks

Housing will work with local health authorities and the UCLA COVID-19 Future Planning Task Force throughout the academic year to monitor health trends. Leading up to the Thanksgiving break, housing will communicate with all students residing in undergraduate housing about the most current plans and options. Because we have transitioned to nearly all remote for the entire quarter as well as a more restricted residential community, students are encouraged not to travel during the Thanksgiving break and remain in their contract through the end of the quarter.

Students who choose to remain in university-owned housing after Thanksgiving should plan to completely move out of their units at the conclusion of fall quarter. Because of the unpredictable nature of responding to COVID-19, we are asking students remove all belongings by December 18, 2020. Housing will still offer Winter Break stay-throughs for students who are in need of housing during the closure. We will continue to monitor, and are currently planning to welcome students back to their units on January 3, 2021.

Residential Experience in 2020-21

The residential experience for students living in UCLA housing for 2020-21 will be different than in past years, as we take steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19. As we make these adjustments, our Housing and Residential Life teams remain committed to offering programs, services, and opportunities to build community with your peers and with student residential hall staff.

Students living in campus housing will be asked to do their part to help reduce the risk of COVID-19, including but not limited to the following (which are evolving and subject to change):

  • Adhering to public health recommendations including hand hygiene, physical distancing and proper cough/sneeze etiquette
  • Regular and ongoing temperature checks 
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Daily self-symptom monitoring and reporting
  • Adhering to requirements that students limit their contact with those outside the housing community for 9-14 days immediately upon arriving on campus, if requested by UCLA.
  • Wearing personal face coverings outside of the resident’s room, including hallways, restrooms, etc., and throughout the campus
  • Understanding that residents are limited to one (1) guest in their room at any time
  • Respecting closures and limits on  community spaces including bathrooms, common spaces and study areas, and restrictions on events and social activities, per public health guidance
  • Accepting limited face-to-face interactions with members of the Housing and Residence Life staff, following public health guidance
  • Required isolation/quarantine for residents who are exposed to or test positive to COVID-19 (symptomatic or asymptomatic).  UCLA has set aside specific rooms for isolation/quarantine if necessary

Dining Experience in 2020-21

While public health congregation limitations exist, guest dining may be restricted and subject to the following:

  • “All you care to eat” buffet facilities have been transitioned to served, carry-out cuisine.  Students will have the ability to visit multiple dining stations to select meal options. 
  • Meals and beverages will be served by dining team members. Self-service stations have been eliminated
  • Temperature screening may be required to enter dining facilities
  • Requirement to wear personal face coverings to enter dining facilities and pick up prepared food

The possibility of contracting COVID-19 is a legitimate concern, particularly in a communal living environment.  Housing has worked directly with the LACDPH and UCLA Health to meet the recommended public health guidelines.  While we are taking steps in an effort to reduce risk, there is no way to guarantee students won’t be exposed to COVID-19 either on campus or in the residence halls.  Even with all of the aforementioned measures in place, and additional steps taken by UCLA to reduce the risk of COVID-19, there remains a possibility of infection.

Although the residential experience will look different for the 2020-21 academic year, the Housing and Residential Life teams remain committed to providing a robust, substantive, and engaging living-learning environment for those who reside here.  As always, the well-being of all our community members is our top priority.

Additional Housing COVID FAQs

Graduate students

These new orders (August 21, 2020) from the LACDPH do not affect our graduate student apartments.

Below are some answers to questions that our graduate students have been asking in light of COVID-19.

Has my apartment been cleaned?

Our housekeepers have been busy cleaning studio apartments that will be occupied by new residents, as well as the bedrooms and personal bathrooms of all in-coming residents who will be sharing an apartment with another resident. Residents who have been living in university-owned property already have been required to assume responsibility for cleaning their apartments, with housekeeping diligently cleaning public spaces, with an emphasis on high-touch surfaces, in all of our buildings.

Are UCLA staff taking precautions when interacting with me?

Absolutely! In addition to completing a mandatory health screening prior to being cleared to work each day, all UCLA employees are required to wear face coverings. Employees entering residential units are also required to wear protective gloves. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning of our properties and work equipment. In addition, UCLA employees are required to follow all safety protocols as prescribed by the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When will I find out who my roommate is and when they are arriving?

As long as your roommate has agreed to release their information, you will receive an email with the information approximately 15 days prior to their move in.

Will I be able to contact my new roommate?

Yes, as long as they’ve provided their contact information to be released.

How do I get their contact info?

It will be provided to you via email 15 days prior to their arrival. 

What are expectations of living in this community during this time?

All residents are required to wear face coverings in any space in which they can reasonably expect to encounter another person. This includes, but is not limited to, common areas, lounges, hallways and elevators. Residents are also expected to wear face coverings when any UCLA employee is in their residence. This includes, but is not limited to, maintenance professionals and housekeeping personnel. 

Other expectations include: 

  • Remaining at least six feet away from those who do not live in their immediate dwelling 
  • Frequently washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and/or frequently using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Cover coughs and sneezes
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Staying home and away from others when you are sick
  • Avoid individuals who are sick
  • Calling the Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at 310-206-6217 if you experience any symptoms of illness or think you may have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Will I be tested prior to moving in?

The campus is currently reviewing plans to test all UCLA students for COVID-19 as they return to campus.  We will update with additional information as we have it. 

Do I need to complete the daily symptom monitoring?

Students who are planning to come onto the UCLA campus must complete a daily health screening and monitor and report symptoms.

What should I do if I don’t feel well?

If you don’t feel well or are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please call the Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at 310-206-6217 and/ or your personal healthcare provider.

What are my options if I want to be tested for COVID-19?

The Arthur Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center offers testing for all registered UCLA students. Prior to receiving a test, students must have a video appointment and an order from an Ashe Center provider. Once the order is placed, students are directed to an outdoor testing tent near center. 

If I or my roommate tests positive for COVID-19, what do we do?

Any UCLA student who develops symptoms or receives a positive test result for COVID-19 is obligated to self-isolate and to contact the Ashe Center COVID-19 Hotline at 310-206-6217.

If a student is confirmed to have COVID-19, medical professionals at UCLA or the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health will investigate to determine who is considered a “close contact” to that person, contact them and ask them to self-isolate and schedule a test, if appropriate. Relevant deans, vice provosts, vice chancellors, directors and department chairs will be notified of any positive case within their areas of responsibility.

More information on notification procedures from the administrative vice chancellor and vice chancellor for research and creative activities.

Who should I contact for emergencies and/or assistance not related to COVID-19? 

For non-medical emergencies, please call 911 or contact the UCLA Police Department at 310-825-1491 

For maintenance issues, call (310) 825-3595 or submit a request at https://hhs.maximo.ucla.edu/portal 

Where can I go for more information related to COVID-19 and the UCLA campus? 

Up-to-date information can be found online by visiting UCLA COVID-19 and its dedicated page for students. In addition, you may go to Bruins Safe Online.


Please visit our FAQ database Ask Housing. You can easily search additional COVID-19 Housing related information.

As of Monday, March 23, Housing Services will not be open to the public. However, we are still here to support you! We are available via Live Chat and email, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.  Click here to access Live Chat and more information.