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Sustainability during Move In

Welcome to UCLA!

Here are a few tips to move in SUSTAINABLY!

  • Bring only what you need! Think twice about what you will actually use. Often, students bring things they don’t realistically need. This will reduce packaging and make moving out a lot easier!
  • Get thrifty! No need to buy anything new. Bring things from home you already own, look at local thrift stores, or even check out the “UCLA Free & For Sale” Facebook page.
  • Wait until you arrive to buy! It’s easier to determine what you need after you have seen your room. Target is a short walk away from the residence halls and apartments and you can always mail things to yourself as well.
  • Pack sustainably! Pack with storage boxes and suitcases you can also use during the school year. Avoid using plastic garbage bags and pack anything else in boxes that can be recycled after use (sometimes cardboard boxes can be obtained from your local grocer which saves money and re-purposes the boxes)
  • Don’t pack with styrofoam! Pack fragile items along with clothes instead; it saves space while saving the environment.
  • Save boxes you move in with! Fold them and store them away until you need to use them for moving out at the end of the year.
  • Reuse old Command hooks! If you already have the plastic Command hooks, consider buying refill adhesives to reduce your waste!
  • Bring these items to live sustainably in your room:
    -Reusable water bottle
    -Reusable dinnerware (set for one) and dish soap
    -Reusable shopping bags
    -Dryer balls instead of using dryer sheets
  • Dispose of your move in waste correctly! Once you’re all moved in, most of your waste should be recyclable.
    Cardboard boxes and any other paper waste will be thrown into recycling *make sure to separate the tape from the boxes before disposal*
    When it comes to lighter, filmy, and thinner plastics, make sure to ball them all up together in a single bag before also placing into the recycling bin!

We can't wait for your arrival! Go Bruins!