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Assignment Process For Single Graduate and Student Family Housing

Everything you need to know about room assignments and requests for contract changes

  • How are apartments assigned?
  • We do not make offers to the exact room space as availability is highly volatile. Instead, housing offers are made to the Building and Room Type, and applicants may choose to accept or decline the offer. Applicants who decline an offer are welcome to reapply, but their application will be considered after current applicants. If an offer is accepted and payment is remitted, we will send out exact unit numbers, roommate information, and move-in information via e-mail about seven (7) days prior to the incoming resident's contract start date.

  • Can I request a roommate or will UCLA Housing choose one for me?
  • All students wanting to be roommates should update their application to reflect the requested roommate's information. We will take mutual roommate requests into consideration when making assignments. Please note that roommate requests are not guaranteed and that prospective roommate pairs must be offered to the same building and room type (for example: Weyburn Terrace 2/2 Apartment) in order for us to consider the request when making assignments.

  • I want to live in a different room type or area, what can I do?
  • If a resident wishes to change the room type they are currently in or allotted to, they should submit a transfer request via the Transfer Request Form. These will be reviewed on a rolling basis and students are notified via email if their requests are approved. Residents may submit, revise, or withdraw their transfer request at any time via e-mail.

    Please note that we do not consider requests for specific locations or room requirements such as, but not limited to:

    - away from construction
    - away from traffic/freeway
    - away from noise
    - more natural light
    - specific side of complex

    The following scenarios are not eligible for a transfer request. Please note the instructions for each:

    - I live in Single Graduate Housing, but I want to move to Student Family Housing
    You must submit a Student Family Housing application through the housing portal. Do not submit a transfer request, as it will not be considered.

    - I have a disability or medical need and I need to make a request for a specific accommodation.
    Do not submit a transfer request if you have a medical need for a change of assignment. Please contact the Center for Accessible Education so that they can review your case.

    - I am having conflicts with my roommate
    Our office does not review transfer requests based on roommate conflict. Issues concerning resident conduct and conflict should be brought to the attention of the Office of Residential Life. Residents in Weyburn Terrace and Hilgard Apartments should contact University Apartments North- Residential Life Staff. Residents in Keystone Mentone, Rose Avenue, Venice Barry, and Univeristy Village should contact University Apartments South- Residential Life Staff
  • Transfer of Tenancy
  • I am graduating but my partner will still be a student. Can I transfer primary tenancy to them as I will no longer be eligible?

    Residents of University Village may submit a request to transfer tenancy to their domestic partner's name by sending an e-mail to our office at The request should include the new lease holder's full name, university ID number, and the date their primary tenancy will begin.