Beverly Hills (zip code 90210-11-12) 

Two miles east of UCLA is the famous incorporated city of Beverly Hills. Sometimes there are guest houses or rooms for rent in the area, especially south of Wilshire, and sharing an apartment is feasible. Most students, though, use Beverly Hills for fantastic window shopping (Rodeo Drive), people watching, occasional famous-name dining, and magnificent public parks and gardens (along Santa Monica Boulevard north of Wilshire). North of Santa Monica Boulevard, services and public transportation are very limited; they are more plentiful along Beverly Boulevard, Santa Monica Boulevard, Wilshire and Olympic.

Transportation options direct to UCLA: Biking, Metro line 2 and line 20/720 (only to Westwood Village); Metro lines 4/704 and 14 connect with Metro line 720.

Century City (90067) 

A bustling, high-rise commercial center two miles southeast of UCLA has some condominiums, but not much housing for students. Sometimes there are rooms for rent west of the Westfield Century City Shopping Center, in addition to apartments lining Beverly Glen Boulevard. Supermarkets are located at Olympic Boulevard and Fox Hills Drive and inside the Westfield Shopping Center.

Entertainment is the area's main value. Century City Shopping Center has great shopping, food, and a 15-screen movie theater. Nearby is the free Annenberg Space for Photography, featuring rotating photography exhibits.

Transportation options direct to UCLA: Biking. There are no direct bus routes, although Big Blue Bus #5 and Metro line 4/704 connect with Big Blue Bus #1, #8, and #12 at Westwood Boulevard.

Pico-Robertson (90035) 

Sometimes labeled Beverly Hills Adjacent, Beverlywood or Rimpau, the Pico-Robertson area is often overlooked by apartment-hunting students. Nonetheless, it provides alternatives to the higher-priced housing closer to UCLA. Rents in the newspaper under "Beverly Hills Adjacent" may seem high, but many landlords here advertise only with a sign out front. Drive around and you may find a good deal. The small pocket of Los Angeles that abuts Beverly Hills just west of La Cienega Boulevard is popular and close to the Wilshire buses, but prices here are rising. The winding suburban streets of Beverlywood occupy the southwestern part of this neighborhood. Bachelor apartments and rooms for rent are sometimes available here but buses only skirt the area.

Shopping and services are concentrated along Pico, Robertson and Olympic Boulevards. Pico has many small kosher groceries, ethnic restaurants and name brand discount stores. The area along Fairfax between Pico and Olympic is also known as “Little Ethiopia” for its abundance of Ethiopian-themed stores and restaurants. Additionally, nearby on Wilshire is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), as well as the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Transportation options direct to UCLA: Big Blue Bus #12 (Robertson Blvd) and Metro line 305 (San Vicente Blvd). Additionally, Big Blue Bus #5 (Olympic) and #7 (Pico) connects with Big Blue Bus #8 and #12 at Westwood Boulevard.

West Hollywood (90046) 

West Hollywood is a densely populated city at the foot of the Hollywood Hills between Beverly Hills and Hollywood. It is most famously known as a center of LGBT culture and nightlife in Los Angeles. Additionally, as a center of design, fashion, music, and theater, it is known for its Melrose Avenue boutiques, famous restaurants and nightclubs, and the Pacific Design Center. Many bars and nightclubs are located along Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, also known as the “Sunset Strip.”

Look for housing north of Beverly Boulevard to Sunset, between Doheny and Crescent Heights. North of Sunset between Fairfax and La Brea is also popular. Be aware that "greater West Hollywood" extends beyond the official city limits, so West Hollywood rent control may not apply to every apartment.

Parts of West Hollywood are close enough for a bike ride to campus. The bus commute is easier if you live near Sunset Boulevard and use Metro line 2 to UCLA. If you need to get around L.A. a lot, this neighborhood is not freeway friendly. It is well served by grocery stores, laundromats, parks, libraries, etc.

Transportation options direct to UCLA: Metro line 2; Metro line 4/704 connects with Big Blue Bus #1, #8, and #12 at Westwood Boulevard.