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Eligibility for Student Family Housing

Family Housing

Student family housing is reserved for married students, single parents, domestic partners, and families only. To be eligible, applicants must be full-time UCLA undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdoctoral appointees at the time of move-in (Postdoctoral appointees have the lowest priority).

Undergraduate and graduate married, single-parent, and domestic partner applicants may live at University Apartments with spouses, partners and children only. Extended family members are not allowed. All family members and partners noted on the housing application must continuously reside in the unit. The resident and spouse/domestic partner must be present at the time of move in to receive the keys for the apartment. Please note that on the move in date, incoming tenants will be required to furnish proof of relationship with each occupant that will be residing with you. Acceptable forms for couples include a marriage license, proof of domestic partnership or documentation showing at least one year of relationship which can include a previous rental agreement, shared utility bill or joint bank account. For children/legal dependents, the acceptable forms are a birth certificate or documentation of legal dependence.

University Apartments conducts quarterly audits of residents' eligibility.  Rental staff will ask to see original documents of marriage licenses/domestic partnerships and/or child(ren)'s birth certificate(s) to confirm status when tenants move in. Failure to comply may be considered cause for termination of rental agreement and/or disciplinary action pursuant to University of California resident conduct rules.

Undergraduate and graduate students who are married couples or domestic partners without children are eligible for a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment. Undergraduate and graduate married couples and domestic partners with children are eligible for any two-bedroom apartment. Undergraduate and graduate families with three or more children, or two school-aged children of the opposite sex, are eligible for a three-bedroom apartment.  Undergraduate and graduate single parents are eligible for a one-, two- or three-bedroom unit depending on the number of children.