On Campus Housing Summer Move-out Information

Summer Session residents living in the Residence Halls and Residential Suites must check-out of their room by 5 p.m. on the last Friday of their summer session. Below are the end dates for each session:

SessionEnd Date
A Session -  6 weeksFriday, August 2
A Session -  8 weeksFriday, August 16
A Session - 10 weeksFriday, August 30
A Session - 12 weeksFriday, September 13
C Session -  6 weeksFriday, September 13

How to Check Out Properly

Residents are to return all keys/access cards to the Front Desk. An improper check out charge will be assessed to the resident's housing account for failure to return any of these items by the 5 p.m. deadline.

Residents are to throw out all trash, arrange the furnishings in the manner found upon arrival, and take all personal belongings with them when they depart.

Staying Through until Fall Quarter

Residents who have a summer contract ending September 13, 2019, and an academic contract for the fall in either on-campus Housing or University Apartments, may pay to stay through between the end of the summer contract and the beginning of the fall contract.

To make this request, please visit Housing Services located on the 1st floor of Sproul Hall. Requests will be granted based on space availability and there is a fee to stay between the summer and fall contracts.

Residents who arrange to stay through to fall quarter will be contacted within one to two days after the program ends to move to their fall quarter assignment. Residents must remain available to move their belongings to their new assignment. Housing will not move or store belongings. The actual move date may vary due to the cleaning and maintenance schedules for all of the buildings during the week between summer and fall.


Please refer to AskHousing for questions regarding summer housing. Contact the Front Desk to make special arrangements regarding departures.