The University Apartment Rental Process

University Apartments for graduate students, undergraduate and graduate single-parent students, and students with families are assigned based on date of application, facility and apartment preference, date housing is desired, and apartment availability.

If you are offered and accept an apartment:

  • you will be asked to sign a month-to-month rental agreement
  • you must submit a security deposit to secure the apartment
  • you must agree to pay rent for the entire apartment until any additional roommates sign the University Apartments Rental Agreements (if you are a single student at the time you accept an apartment)

Your move-in costs vary according to the move-in date and type of apartment offered. These costs will be detailed at the time you accept an apartment.

If you are offered university housing and do not respond to the offer:

  • your application will be removed from the wait list
  • you must reapply

If you decline the first offer:

  • you will be moved to the end of the wait list

The maximum period of time you may remain on the wait list is one year. If you desire to remain on the list after one year, you must reapply and pay the required fees. If the apartment size or complex you select differs from those for which you are eligible, your application will be processed in accordance with the eligibility criteria.

Keeping Your Contact Information Up-to-date

To update your address, phone number and other contact information, visit the My Housing web site at You must also contact each UCLA office (e.g., Undergraduate or Graduate Admissions, Registrar’s Office) separately when making any changes to your contact information. Notifying one office does not guarantee that other offices will be notified.

Questions? Ask Housing