Undergraduate Housing Room Swap and Transfer Requests

Due to the lack of open spaces in Housing, fulfilling individual transfer requests may not be possible. Each student wishing to move is encouraged to find another student with whom to do a swap. 

To assist with this process, there will be a Room Swap event on Wednesday, January 15 in the Rieber Fireside Lounge, 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Submitting the Online Transfer Request is a formal request for an alternative assignment from the space currently occupied. There is no guarantee that a space will be available or that the request can be accommodated.

Request will only be considered if the following steps are completed:

  • Residents are required to obtain approval from a Resident Director (RD) or Community Director (CD) regarding their request before the request will be considered.
  • Residents must attend the Room Swap event. Students unable to attend the Room Swap event will need to schedule an appointment with a RD or CD before the event in order to be eligible for a transfer.

If the request is approved, the transfer is binding and the student must move by the deadline stated in the new contract. The student will not be able to remain in his/her current space. Failure to move to the new room/apartment may result in assessment of improper check out fees and daily charges for each room/apartment. The costs associated with this request will be due at the time the transfer is accepted by the student.

To cancel a transfer request, use the Online Transfer Request application. If the Transfer Request application is no longer available online, please email Housing Services at [email protected] to request the cancellation. Cancellations may only be submitted before a request has been approved.

  • Online Transfer Request application (the application is now closed for winter quarter)