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Move-Out Checklist for UAS

This Move-Out Checklist has been created to remind you of the most commonly overlooked items for which residents are charged after vacating their apartment.  It is our goal to maximize the return of your security deposit.

  1. A written 30-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate (NITV) is required in advance of your move-out.  The NITV form is available on line at the My Housing web site.  The notice is effective from the day Housing Services receives it and may not be cancelled or changed.
  2. Your account is to be paid in full prior to your departure.  Your security deposit is not considered to be your last month's rent.  Please contact Housing Services using the Ask Housing web site if you have questions about your housing account.
  3. All keys (perimeter, apartment, and mailbox), your parking hangtag(s), and shuttle bus pass (if applicable) are to be returned to the University Apartments Rental Office on, or before, your move-out date. If you are leaving on a weekend, it is your responsibility to make arrangements with the office before 3:30 p.m. on Friday prior to your move-out date for the return of your keys. Keys are not to be given to neighbors, friends, or to the new tenant. If your keys are not returned by your Move Out date, you will continue to be charged the daily rental rate for your unit. If the unit is not vacant, you will continue to be charged the daily rental rate for your unit and may be charged additional costs associated with relocation of incoming tenants until all keys are returned. Please see the Detailed List of Damage & Miscellaneous Charges article for charges.
  4. Notify utility companies one week prior to your move-out.
    Department of Water and Power
    (transfer account to UC Regents)
    1 (800) 342-5397
    Southern California Gas Company
    (transfer account to UC Regents)
    1 (800) 427-2200
    Verizon (telephone)1 (800) 483-4000
    Time Warner Cable (Spectrum)
    (television and internet)
    1 (888) 872-2189
  5. Return any Time Warner (Spectrum) equipment to their office and make sure to get a receipt.

6695 Green Valley Circle
Culver City, CA  90230-7024

Do not leave the equipment in your apartment.  You will be charged a $50 processing fee for any equipment that the University Apartments has to return to Spectrum.

  1. File a change of address with the U.S. Postal Office at least two weeks prior to moving out.  Change of address requests are effective for 6 months.  Once you move out and are no longer a resident at your address, you will not be allowed access to your mailbox.
  2. Clean your apartment.  Residents are required to return the apartment to the original condition, excluding normal wear and tear.  Please see the Detailed List of Damage & Miscellaneous Charges article for charges that may be assessed.
    1. Remove all trash from the apartment, garage space, patio and/or balcony.
    2. Remove all personal belongings.
    3. Clean floors, cupboards, countertops, and walls.  Grease and dirt must be removed from all surfaces.
    4. The stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator must be cleaned.  Remember to clean underneath and behind the stove and refrigerator.
    5. Remove all contact paper from drawers, cabinets, and walls.
    6. Remove all wallpaper, paneling, mirror tiles, murals, decals, sticky hangers, etc.
    7. Spackle all nail holes in the walls.
    8. Clean bathroom floor, bathtub/shower, basins, toilets, mirrors, and medicine cabinets.
    9. If you removed draperies, light fixtures, etc when you moved in, please replace to original locations.
    10. Vacuum the carpet.
    11. Do not dispose of furniture items by placing them in alleys or near the trash bins. You may wish to call Goodwill Industries (310) 845-9327 or the Salvation Army (310) 451-1358, as they accept most reusable goods and will pick them up.  You can get a tax-deductible receipt as well.
    12. Leave your apartment, patio, and parking spaces empty and clean.

  3. Check out with the Business Office at 3200 Sawtelle. Turn in all keys, parking hangtags, and shuttle bus passes on, or before, your move out date.
  4. For your convenience, there is a drop slot located on the left side of the main doors of the Business Office located at 3200 Sawtelle.
  5. Update your contact information with Housing Services at the My Housing web site.  This will ensure that your security deposit and all future correspondence will reach you.

Thank you for your cooperation.  We hope you have a successful move.