Community Housing Overview

Because of these unprecedented times, UCLA Housing is currently unable to guarantee or offer housing to many new and returning students. We understand students may wish to rent from privately owned apartments around the UCLA community. From this page, we hope you’re able to find some resources to help you navigate searching for an apartment.

Students are highly encouraged to take advantage of UCLA’s Student Legal Services as they have provided many resources as individuals consider signing a lease in this current environment.

While UCLA does not officially endorse any listing sites, students in search of an apartment in the area may consider exploring the following Facebook groups UCLA Housing And Roommate Search (Private Group; 16K members); UCLA Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets (Public Group; 30K members); UCLA Off-Campus Housing (Public Group; 9K members).

The neighborhood profiles will assist you when using sites like or They offer an overview of the neighborhoods as well as transportation options.